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The bo was developed from a farming tool called a tenbin. A stick placed across the shoulders with baskets or sacks hanging from either end.


The sai is believed to be a variation of a tool used to create furrows in the ground when planting seeds.


The tonfa was originated from the handle of a millstone used for grinding grain.

Nun cha ku

The nun cha ku was evolved from a tool which separates seeds from grain. It also has origins to a horse's bit.


The eiku is based on the common oar used throughout the Ryukyu islands.


The kama was developed from a traditional farming sickle typically used for harvesting grain crop or cutting grass or hay

Traditional Okinawan Weapons:

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Abbreviations:      W - weapon     MC: Master Classes Only

NOTE: Master Classes work weapons rather than sparring. Weapons required in lieu of pads.

Kids begin in the Gold Class

Adults begin in the Adult Basics Class